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Classical Electrodynamics

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...to the World-Wide Web site of the Uppsala University 10 ETCS credit course Classical Electrodynamics given within the Master of Science programme in Engineering Physics (300 points) at the Uppsala School of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Classical Electrodynamics is an advanced course and goes substantially beyond the intermediate level course Electromagnetic Field Theory. It provides a solid basis for further studies, research and work in classical and quantum electrodynamics, accelerator physics, astronomy and astrophysics, antenna engineering, field and string theory, particle physics, plasma physics, radiation physics, solid state physics, space physics and technology, wireless communcation, and more.

The Course

This half-term course comprises 23 lectures and 12 lessons/tutorials corresponding to 140 hours of full time work. The lectures provide the theoretical backbone of the course, while the tutorials serve to reinforce the concepts presented during lectures through exercises and give the students the possibility for interactive discussions on the course material. The course will during period 1 (Sep-Oct) with the first lecture on Wednesday 5 September, 2012.

Freely Downloadable Books and other Material


The assessment is made in the form of a final exam (80%), and two hand-in reports (10% each).

Final Exam

  • A five-hour written test at the end of the course.
  • Maximum grade: 20 points (five problems, max 4 points each).
  • "Pass" grade: 10 points.
  • Next regular final exam: End of August, 2015.
  • Recent and upcoming final exams including the written problems given at actual final exams, complete with solutions (in English)

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